1:30pm Update: Detours on Routes 1,3,4,5,7,&11

Route 1: Bus not using Main and Front, bus taking Broadway to Madison

Route 3:  Bus turning right on Turner off from Scott.  Continuing on Turner to Wordens where the bus makes a right turn and rejoins the route on N 5th St.

Route 4: Bus staying on Hwy 200 after E. Missoula. Route turn around at Town Pump in Bonner.

Route 5: Bus is not doing the Lincolnwood-Timberline loop.

Route 7: Coming out of Southgate Mall, the bus is taking Paxton to 39th

Route 11: Not running behind Home Depot, the route is staying on Reserve.

Due to these detours, Mountain Line’s mobile app has had some discrepancies.  Passengers should check with a customer service representative at 406-721-3333 for the latest in bus arrival times.  Additionally, passengers can check Facebook and Twitter for updates on detours.