Activate Missoula Interactive Public Open House


Let your voice be heard about the importance of Mountain Line and Missoula public transit by Dec 31. Missoula’s Long Range Transportation Plan update is underway now with over 1,000 comments on the Wiki Map.

Activate Missoula is hosting an Interactive Public Open House and is requesting your input, Missoula.

The Missoula Long Range Transportation Plan will shape the area’s future transportation system. Public engagement is a key component of the Long Range Transportation Plan. In this exercise, we are looking for assistance in identifying additional projects or issues not addressed in the previous plan for consideration. Please use the interactive map to identify your thoughts, concerns, successes and opportunities within the Missoula study area.

Mountain Line values your opinion and wants all of our voices to be heard. Get involved in Missoula’s Long Range Transportation Plan today. It truly benefits us all.

Visit the‬ Wiki Map here before Dec 31, give your input and help improve the future of Missoula transportation.