Electric Bus Visits Missoula

MISSOULA, MONTANA (September 22, 2014) – Imagine a bus that uses NO fuel, emits NO pollution, and runs in virtual silence?  It’s no longer science fiction, it’s Proterra’s next-generation electric bus, which takes less time to charge than your cell phone.

bus for news release v2Today Missoulians were treated to rides on Proterra’s latest electric bus, experiencing first hand the future of public transportation.  “Electric vehicle technology ideally fits urban transit,” said Mountain Line Board Chairman Eric Hines.  “It enables transit operators to significantly reduce operating costs–while delivering clean, quiet transportation to the community.”

Based in South Carolina, Proterra is a world leader in design and manufacture of zero-emission buses.  Proterra’s second generation bus that toured Missoula is the world’s most fuel efficient battery bus and features advanced on-route, fast charging technology that allows infinite range.    For more information on the Proterra electric bus that fascinated Missoulians with free rides throughout the day visit Mountain Line’s latest entry at BOLT! Missoula.