Top 20 Destinations For Kids

Location Address Routes
Splash Montana 3001 Bancroft 6
Currents 600 Cregg Lane 7
Hike the M Unviersity Area 1,12
Bowling Westside Lanes/5 Valley Bowl 2,6,7
Carousel and Dragons Hollow Caras Park All routes to transfer center.
Childrens Museum 225 W Front Street All routes to transfer center.
The Hub 5055 Expressway 11
Missoula Art Museum 335 N Pattee All routes to transfer center.
Missoula Public Library 301 E Main St 1,4,5,12
YMCA 300 S Russell 6
Float the Clark Fork* Google websites on rafting and rafting safety. See note below. 4
Ice Skating at Fair Grounds 1101 South Ave 1,7
Paint Ball at City Life 1515 Fairview Ave 6
Missoula Childrens Theatre 200 N Adams Street 4,5,12
Southgate Mall 2901 Brooks St 1,2,6,7,8
Mobash Skate Park McCormick Park 7
Freestone Climbing 935 Toole Ave 2,3
Carmike 10 Theater 3640 Mullan Road 2,11
Spectrum Discovery Center 218 E Front Street 1,4,5,12
University Golf Course 515 South Ave 1,12
*Get off Route 4 at Speedway/Hwy 200 to enter river. Leave river at McCormick Park and board Route 7 inbound to downtown transfer center. Check with customer service at 721-3333 for rules on rafts aboard buses.