Hop on Board with recreation therapist Brenna Partridge

Pamela and Brenna

I’m on board because Mountain Line helps people with traumatic injuries and disabilities reclaim their mobility and independence.

– Brenna Partridge, recreation therapist, Community Medical Center’s Bridges Brain Injury Program

For my clients, riding a Mountain Line bus is about far more than getting from Point A to Point B.

That’s because my clients are recovering from brain injuries. Some have suffered strokes. Others sustained traumatic brain injuries during accidents or violence. More than a few developed brain injuries during the course of heart attacks, when their brains didn’t get the oxygen they needed. With these kinds of injuries, many may never drive a car again.

For people with brain injuries, riding the bus is about reclaiming their freedom and being able to get on with their lives.

I’m a recreation therapist for Community Medical Center’s Bridges Brain Injury Program, the only program of its kind in the Rocky Mountain West. We treat approximately 100 patients each year, many of whom benefit from the bus training we provide as part of our comprehensive community re-entry therapy. We work on everything from interpreting bus time tables and route maps (what a great way to help the brain learn new ways to manage information!) to learning how to advocate for oneself (by asking the bus drivers questions or ringing the bell for a stop). In the process we maximize clients’ independence and their ability to participate at home and in the community.

Many of our Community Bridges clients live on very low budgets.  Public transportation from Mountain Line is an affordable avenue to allow individuals to become productive members of society.  It provides access to jobs and other community resources but saves cash for food, clothing, and other necessities.

Like anyone else, my clients get where they need to go riding Mountain Line. They get to appointments, volunteer work and jobs. For some, Mountain Line provides the only possible means to meet with loved ones and family who live across town. For all, reclaiming independence and the ability to care for themselves is vital to their renewed well-being. Mobility is what counts and Mountain Line’s public transit buses make it happen.

That’s why I’m on Board!