Hop on Board with senior van service rider Marion Lyons

I’M ON BOARD because Mountain Line drivers and staff are caring, considerate and helpful.

— Marion Lyons, senior van service rider

When I moved here four years ago, I was completely new to the community. I came to be near my daughter, Sally.

I have macular degeneration, an eye disease that makes my vision blurry. I can’t drive a car or read normally anymore. (I use a very large font on my e-book to keep up with my reading.) Otherwise I am pretty darned healthy, and I like to stay active.

My daughter helped me research transportation solutions, so I can do the things I like to do. That’s when we discovered how Mountain Line can help a person like me.

I found out that because of my limited vision, I qualify for Mountain Line’s Paratransit service. The Paratransit service provides transportation for people with disabilities who cannot independently ride Mountain Line’s main fleet buses. Once my eye doctor provided verification that my sight is impaired, I was ready to go.

I’ve been able to use Mountain Line services at least three times a week. I go to the Women’s Club to exercise, to doctors’ appointments and physical therapy. Sometimes I go shopping, and I also take MOLLI courses at the University of Montana. Mountain Line takes me, picks me up when I am finished and brings me home.

The service is set up so I can make my reservations for van service a month in advance, if I like. I tell them where I want to go and how long I will be staying at each location. It’s like having a tailor-made service at my command. The van has been a remarkable boon to me. Rather than having to depend on family or friends or to have to take a taxi, this is almost like having my own car.

Over the years, I’ve gotten to know the people who answer the phone. For me, calling Mountain Line is like calling a friend. And I’ve gotten to know the various drivers – both men and woman – and they have become close friends, too.

Mountain Line is a big part of my life, and I am so grateful to be able have a service like this where I live.

From the drivers to the people who answer the phone and help schedule my rides, all the people at Mountain Line are beautiful! They are careful, considerate and helpful. I would be lost without them. That’s why I’m On Board!