Innova “Folf” Discs Now Available at UM Bike Station

02_GStar_ValkyrieDisc golfers have a new convenient source of quality “folf” discs thanks to Mountain Line, the city’s community bus service. Beginning this week, Mountain Line’s UM Bike Station vending machine will carry Innova driver and putter discs in addition to bike maintenance items, bringing 24/7 convenience to “folfers” looking to grab a disc on the fly and play a few holes. They can also top off their tires or perform a basic tune-up at the same time.

“At Mountain Line, we want to create a more livable community, and one way to do that is to support other modes of transportation and recreation opportunities, like cycling and disc golf,” said Bill Pfeiffer, Mountain Line community outreach coordinator. Pfeiffer believes that concepts of livability and multimodal transportation intersect with biking and transportation. Two popular mountain biking destinations in Missoula, Pattee Canyon and Blue Mountain, feature nationally renowned disc golf courses. The Blue Mountain course is also an easy bike ride via the Missoula-Lolo trail, near Routes 7 and 12 at the Brooks St. Walmart, offering riders and “folfers” a car-free option for a day of recreation in the Missoula foothills.

Local disc golfer, bus rider, and cyclist Ross Prosperi is just one new user who agrees that adding golf discs to the vending machines is a great way to bring these communities together.

“Sometimes recreation stores aren’t open until mid-morning. It’s great to be able to pick up a disc anytime you need it,” Prosperi said. “Even the best of us lose one every once in a while!” Just like with a golf ball, an errant shot into the rough can be the last time a disc is ever seen again. “With the new vending option, you also don’t need to make an extra stop before your next round. Just grab one and go, anytime.” Prosperi added.

Mountain Line Bike Station facilities are made possible at several locations in Missoula through the Federal Transportation Administration’s “Livability Grants” program, which seeks to promote using bicycles in combination with public transit. The UM Bike Station location came at the invitation of ASUM Transportation. While Mountain Line will begin the pilot project on campus, if all goes well discs will be added to machines at other Bike Stations across Missoula. Bike Stations feature a bike pump, a tool tower for minor adjustments, and bike essentials via vending machines.

Mountain Line currently stocks Innova Valkyrie drivers and Aviar putters, with midrange discs soon to follow. The discs are competitively priced and available to the public at the UM Bike Station adjacent to the Dennison Music Hall. For a full list of Mountain Line Bike Station facilities, visit