June 17th: Update on Routes 2 & 9 Detours

Due to construction on South 3rd street Routes 2 & 9 continue to see deviations.  Here’s the latest:


Rt. 2: Currently Route 2 is not using 3rd street.  Instead, from Russell Street will travel up 4th to Johnson where it will turn left and resume normal routeing.

Rt. 9. The bus will continue to travel up 3rd st. from Orange St. until Russell where it will continue up 4th to Shilling.  At Shilling it will turn right and resume normal routing up 3rd st.


Rt. 2: The bus will follow Johnson and instead of going east on 3rd street, the bus will take 5th.  Once the bus reaches Russell, it will resume normal routing.

Rt. 9: The bus will follow 3rd street east to Shilling where it will detour to 5th street.  Once the bus reaches Russell, it will  resume normal routing heading east on 3rd.

Please be aware that detours may be modified at any time due to construction.  For your convenience, please call customer service at 721-3333 before riding to confirm the latest detours.