May Hop on Board Sweepstakes winners

May winner Lori Ahern

Lori Ahern wins Monte Dolack poster

Lori Ahern is the proud winner of the Monte Dolack “Going to the Sun” poster donated by Adventure Cycling Association. Ahern owns several other Dolack posters and was quite pleased to receive this one. Having finished her second year of pharmacy studies at The University of Montana last week, she rides the bus often to school and likes the convenience of it, especially when not riding her bike.

Rhonda Krause - May winner

Rhonda Krause wins one-year bus pass

Rhonda Krause wins the other prize for the month, a  one-year ride pass. Krause, a 2nd grade teacher at Hawthorne Elementary School, frequently rides the bus with her students for various field trips during the school year. With a bus route running right in front of the school, using the bus is easy and a great experience for the kids.