Missoula Bike Swap


Mountain Line is happy to support the good work of BWAM (Bike Walk Alliace for Missoula) and Free Cycles as part of Missoula’s goal to enhance multi-modal options for car-free public transit.

Join BWAM  and Free Cycles on Saturday, May 9th and Sunday, May 10th for a Missoula Bike Swap at the University of Montana Adam’s Center!

How it works:


Bike sale runs Sunday, May 10th, 9am– 3pm.

You don’t need to sell a bike to buy a bike. Sales are by cash, check or card.


Drop off your bikes to sell Saturday, May 9th, 1pm-6pm.

There is no fee to sell your bike, however 15% of the sale of your bike goes to the non-profit organizations, BWAM and Free Cycles.

You set the price for your bike. Missoula Bike Swap handles everything else: the mechanical checks, questions from the public, sales transaction, etc., and mails you a check after the event. Bikes are sold by consignment: once you have dropped off your bike, you do not have to remain present to sell your bike.

Bikes frames and bikes with minor maintenance issues will be accepted. Any maintenance issues must be reported when bike is dropped off. Free Cycle bike experts will be available to assess bike functionality and answer questions about worth of bike.

Someone will call you at 3pm and let you know to pick it up if your bike didn’t sell. Please ensure that you are available if you wish to keep your unsold bike, unsold bikes must be picked up by 4pm. Any bikes that aren’t picked up will be donated to Free Cycles. Free Cycles appreciates these donations, and will ensure that your bike finds a new home, so you are welcome to simply leave your bike for Free Cycles.

1. You price your bike to sell for $400.00 (or $40!)
2. You drop off your bike any time between 1pm-6pm on Saturday, May 9th.
3. You leave and go enjoy the rest of your day, and come back on Sunday between 9am-3pm to buy a new bike, or pick up your unsold bike after 3pm.
4. Missoula Bike Swap sell’s your bike for $400. They will mail you a check for $340.00 (or $34!).


  • Saturday , May 9 (drop off day only)
  • Sunday, May 10 (sale day)


  • Adam’s Center (University of Montana, 32 Campus Drive)

Check out Missoula Bike Swap’s Facebook page here for more information