Mountain Line Announces New General Manager

Missoulians have shown great support for our community bus system, approving a mill levy in 2013 and rallying behind the 14 partners sponsoring Zero-fare in 2015.  Mountain Line’s newly implemented services come alongside new leadership with Corey Aldridge joining Mountain Line as the General Manager. Aldridge is from RiverCities Transit in Longview, WA and says he is excited to be a part of a community that is forward thinking about public transportation.

“Transit plays a key role in a healthy livable community, which necessitates a flexible transit system that can change along with the community,” said Aldridge.   “I am impressed by the foresight of our community leaders to develop long-range growth and development plans that remove barriers which stifle the progress of many communities.”

Aldridge is embracing the exciting challenges for MUTD in the next few years that come with the implementation of additional bus service, improved paratransit service, Zero-fare system and a bus stop master plan.

With over seven years of executive management experience in public transit, Aldridge has a strong background, which has prepared him to be the new General Manager of MUTD.  During his tenure with RiverCities Transit, he is proud of its many accomplishments:

  • 60% service increase with re-design of all routes
  • Redesigning paratransit services through an improved application and eligibility process
  • Began a long-term bus stop enhancement program
  • Implemented a cutting-edge system-wide technology enhancement, including  real time bus tracking systems on all buses with real-time bus tracker information
  • Partnered with the local college in a mutually beneficial ridership agreement
  • Engaged the board of directors and other elected officials in a governance and transit facilities study to create a 20-year strategic plan

In 2014, Aldridge championed a 9% increase in ridership at RiverCities Transit during a strong economic and employment year, where typically ridership declines.

To boost ridership RiverCities Transit implemented comprehensive changes including:

  • Rebranding of the transit system
  • Update of bus stop amenities
  • Re-design of routes to increase transfer connections throughout the community
  • Introduction of peak service with two (2) routes operating at 30-minute frequency

Aldridge says he is excited to be part of an agency with strong ridership and an engaged board of directors that understands the economic and lifestyle benefits a great transit system brings to the community.  “Everything we do should enhance and beautify the community,” said Aldridge. “I will continue the work my predecessor has done to make Missoula an even more attractive place to live by building a healthy, livable community.”

For further information about Mountain Line, or to schedule a time to speak with Corey Aldridge, please contact Dorothy Magnusen at or by calling 406-543-8386.