Mountain Line Driver To Compete For State Record

MISSOULA, MONTANA (September 3, 2014) — This weekend veteran Mountain Line bus driver Brian Ursery will compete for a record 6th win at the Montana Transit Association’s Montana State Bus Roadeo competition to be held in Butte.

Ursery, a 2011 National Customer Service Challenge winner, currently holds the all-time record with driver Richard Dahlen of Great Falls Transit for the number of wins at the Montana State Bus Roadeo.

The 15-year bus driver will compete in the Division I competition by driving a 35-foot bus through an obstacle course featuring 11 stations.   The course simulates a number of elements that drivers encounter on a daily basis including turns, stopping close to fixed objects and clearing narrow spaces.  In addition to being judged on accuracy while driving the course, the competition will also be timed.

“I really enjoy the camaraderie and the chance to compete,” said Ursery.  “Most importantly, I look forward to having fun and giving it my best to break a long-standing record.”

Should Ursery win the Montana Transit Association’s Montana State Roadeo on Saturday he will go on to represent the State of Montana in the American Public Transit Associations International Bus Roadeo in May of 2015 in Fort Worth, Texas.