Mountain Line Extends Fare Free Service Into Saturday 3-1

MISSOULA, MONTANA (February, 28 2013) — Throughout the day, Mountain Line has provided fare free service to Missoula in response to extreme weather.  Upon considering the situation of Missoula’s roads, Mountain Line has decided to extend fare free service through Saturday, March 1st.  Travelers should avoid driving on snow and ice as these conditions can be very dangerous even at slower speeds.  By utilizing Mountain Lines services, residents can feel at ease knowing they do not have to worry about icy roads.

Riders are also advised not to use the mobile app to track their busses.  Minor detours have caused some technical issues with the program.  Passengers should contact a customer service representative at 406-721-3333 or check online on Facebook, Twitter or for updates.

Currently, there are 5 minor detours on routes in Missoula.  They are as follows:

Route 1: Bus not using Main and Front, bus taking Broadway to Madison

Route 4: Bus staying on Hwy 200 after E. Missoula. Route turn around at Town Pump in Bonner.

Route 5:  Bus is currently not serving Lincolnwood-Timberline loop.  Service will be fully restored at 1:15pm.

Route 7: Coming out of Southgate Mall, the bus is taking Paxton to 39th

Route 11: Not running behind Home Depot, the route is staying on Reserve.