Bikes on Mountain Line Buses

All fixed route Mountain Line buses have bike racks that hold three (3) bicycles each. The racks are easy to use and it takes only a few seconds to load your bike. As the bus approaches, have your bike ready to load. Remove water bottles, pumps or any loose items that may fall off. Tell the driver you are loading your bike. For safety reasons, the driver can’t get off the bus to help you, but he or she can tell you how to use the rack.

Loading Your Bike

  1. Approach the bus from curbside. Squeeze the handle up to release latch then fold down the bike rack.
  2. Lift your bike onto the bike rack, fitting wheels into proper wheel slots. Each wheel slot is clearly labled for the front wheel. All bike positions are independent of each other, making it easy to load or unload any bike with bikes already loaded.
  3. Raise the support arm over the front tire. The support arm needs to be raised so that the hook rests beyond the highest point of the tire closest to the frame. The hooks are designed to fit over fenders.

Unloading Your Bike

For safety reasons, it is very important to tell the driver you need to unload your bike when you approach your stop.

  1. Raise the support arm off the tire. Move the support arm down, out of your way.
  2. Lift your bike out of the rack.
  3. Fold up the bike rack if there is no other bike in the rack.

Don’t forget you have a bike with you when you get off at your stop!

A covered bike shelter is available for use at the Mountain Line Transfer Center at 200 W Pine Street.