Trip Planner

The trip planner provided at is powered by Google Transit.  Using this Google Transit Trip Planner, you can enter where you are and where you want to go, and Google will build an efficient step-by-step itinerary for your bus trip!

Terms and Conditions of use:

Mountain Line strives to provide the best information possible for Google Transit, but cannot guarantee absolute accuracy.  This is a new and experimental service that is still being refined by both Google and participating transit agencies.  Mountain Line recommends that riders double check their trip itinerary by viewing the published bus maps and schedules available at, or by calling the Mountain Line Office at (406) 721-3333.  In addition, please read the Google Transit Terms and Conditions.

What should I do if I receive incorrect, misleading, or confusing trip itinerary information?

If your trip itinerary has inaccurate stop location, time, fare, or service schedule information, it’s probably because of misinformation between Mountain Line and Google Transit. Please record the origin, destination and arrival/departure date and time for your itinerary and send an email with this information to Through your feedback, we can make this service better for everyone!

Things to Consider When Using Google Transit:

  • Some routes may be drawn as straight lines from stop to stop, and do not follow the actual route of the bus on the roads. We are working to improve this.
  • The trip planner will provide 2 or 3 suggested trip plans. We recommend you always check these alternative trip plans as they may provide a trip that better meets your needs.
  • Walking directions and times can be inaccurate, sometimes suggesting walking across un-passable obstacles. Google is working to improve walking directions.

How to Get the Most out of Google Transit – Instructional Video by Google

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