Route 7 Detour Tomorrow Due to Caras Rally; Delays Possible

Mountain Line bus routes will be altered tomorrow in the Downtown area due to high traffic from Senator Bernie Sanders’ rally in Caras Park. Buses may also experience delays due to pedestrian and vehicle congestion in the areas around Caras, Front St. and Higgins Ave.

Route 7 inbound will be detoured onto W. Broadway between Orange and Ryman and the Front St. stop will be temporarily closed. Route 6 which uses Higgins Ave and the bridge will likely experience delays, depending on vehicle and foot traffic. Outbound Route 1 could also experience delays from congestion at the corner of Front and Pattee.

“We don’t have any official road closures that we know of, but we’re anticipating high pedestrian and vehicle traffic along Front St. and Higgins,” said Bill Pfeiffer, Mountain Line Community Outreach Coordinator. “Above all, we’re recommending that attendees and Downtown employees refrain from driving tomorrow and take the bus, walk, or bike.”

Pfeiffer is reminding commuters to take advantage of 15-minute BOLT! service on Routes 1 and 2, to and from Downtown. He says the agency is preparing for higher ridership tomorrow in the event that some buses become full.

“Route 1 is a great option for people coming into Downtown from the University Area, Lewis & Clark, and Southgate Mall,” Pfeiffer said. “Route 2 serves the Westside and North Reserve areas, as well as Franklin to the Fort. Route 6 also runs every half hour from South and Higgins into Downtown, so there are plenty of options for grabbing a Zero-fare ride to the Downtown Transfer Center and taking s a short walk from there to Caras Park.”

Mountain Line service staff will be present Downtown tomorrow to keep bus stops free of vehicles and to monitor congestion for last-minute service changes. Route detours and delays could occur at any time throughout the day. Follow @mslabus on Twitter, Mountain Line on Facebook, or monitor the Mountain Line Transit mobile app for up to the minute alerts and real-time bus tracking.

“We’re asking people to keep in mind the unpredictability of the situation and that things may change quickly,” Pfeiffer said. “Our staff is hoping to minimize any impacts, but we’ve had very little time to prepare, so riders should be alert for last-minute alterations.”