Yield to the Bus


Do your part to help improve traffic flow, keep local buses on schedule, and make our roads safer for everyone by obeying the local “Yield to the Bus” ordinance.

Just like buckling your seatbelt when you start your car, yielding to the bus is a good safety habit, and it’s also the law. The City ordinance, passed in 2009, states that drivers must yield to the bus and allow it to merge into traffic when the flashing “Yield” sign on the rear of the bus is illuminated. Drivers who violate the law can face a fine of up to $500.

This summer, Mountain Line standardized bus signage and improved sign visibility. Each Mountain Line bus is now equipped with a triangular “Yield to the Bus” indicator light that can be illuminated by the driver, in addition to a large reflective arrow banner, which points to the sign, alerting drivers following the bus to the sign’s location. The flashing indicator light is illuminated when a bus wants to merge into traffic after a stop.

With high-frequency service running every 15 minutes on Routes 1 and 2 during peak hours, the ordinance doesn’t just keep the roads safe, it helps keep the buses on time. A small delay in one area can have big results down the line, affecting passengers that need to transfer to other routes to get to their final destination.

It’s simple: when the flashing begins, let the bus in.